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Thank you so much for visiting, and I hope to hear from you soon, so we can get started with planning your baked party items for the remainder of 2023. Booking now for 2024 Wedding cakes, along with birthday and any other celebration where you might need a cake, cupcakes, cookies, etc.

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All new items will be posted on the website, as soon as possible. All items can be

enlarged simply by clicking on them. Be sure to check out all the other item pages, as well.

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I've updated my order requirements to a $125 minimum. See Cake Pricing Info tab for more information. Pricing details can be found on the "New Customer Paperwork" tab, on the Cake Information - Deposits, Payments, and Cake Breakdown Information pages.

I price my cakes based on the current price of ingredients. NO, I don't charge you the full price of a bag of sugar, flour, or carton of eggs or egg whites, quart or half gallon of milk, etc. I have an Excel spreadsheet app that figures out the cost based on the amount of each ingredient needed for each recipe, being either a portion, or the entire box of cake or pudding mix, for example. The entire box is charged at full price. If I use a portion of a box, it is charged accordingly, as in, if I need a little more batter based on cake pan sizes used, I will portion it out accordingly.

With that said, if I was to charge you what the formulas figure is the price of the cake, buttercream, etc., I would only be recouping the price of the ingredients. I would receive no income, nothing to cover the expense of equipment use, tools & replacing them, electricity for baking, oven, water, along with my time and effort in working on creating your order. Plus, cleanup expense, as well. And I do all of it.

So, with that said, I take what the app has figured for each recipe total and multiple it by, just as an example - 5.5%, to cover my costs and income.

Yes, I do deserve an income just like you do at your job. 

Start by clicking on the "Cake Pricing Information" tab which also goes along with the "New Customer Paperwork" documents and will help you in determining the number of starting tiers for each option. It is also based on the number of guests you anticipate serving. With that said, your cake will be designed according to the information you provide when completing and submitting the REQUEST A QUOTE form.

There are four (4) different sized cakes, each with a description telling you the starting price, and where to find the additional items that will increase the price of each. Take a look and start planning for your cake requests accordingly. Thank you for stopping by Cake Designs by Fran.

You can reach me by email at: 


Well, looks like it is time to start planning those Father's Day cakes, etc., for June 16th. It's fast approaching and getting your order request in now, insures you'll get the baked and decorated items you want in time for Dad's day. Check out the Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes I recently made for my daughter-in-law's recent graduation from continued education in the medical field. All who had one while here, said they were delicious. If your dad is an Orange Creamsicle fan as my hubby is, he will love them. They also have a creamy filling. Contact me today at the email below to check on availability and get your order request in soon. You can also complete the Request A Quote form and submit. As of 5/14/24 I have openings for orders. DO NOT DELAY in requesting your party goodies. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.