These are the wedding cakes that I've actually created for individuals. You can see all the tiered cakes that can be used as wedding cakes on the "Class and Practice Cakes" page. These cakes can also redesigned as you might like for your wedding cake. Images 2 and 3 go together, as my customer picked up the cake and completed it by adding the letter on top and the flowers that she had ordered that were made from wood. The other part of the topper is the heart I made with decorative edible image and the letters C & R, as requested. The first image cake was completed after delivery, as the customer had purchased live flowers to be added.

It is requested that you contact me 6 months or more before your wedding. Payment is typically 1/2 the agreed upon payment/deposit upfront, and the remaining 1/2 can be divided in 2 additional payments, if desired, but the final payment must be paid no later than 2 weeks before delivery. At this point, all changes are final. The initial 1/2 payment/deposit is non-refundable if there is a cancellation.

If your wedding cake request is within the 6 month request requirement and no less than 2 months prior to delivery, or based upon the date and unless agreed upon by me, you will first need to contact me by text or email to check availability, and to see if I have room on my calendar to accept your request. If I do have available time to add you to the calendar, I require completion of the Request A Quote (RAQ) form, time to review it, and send a quote. Once you have agreed upon the quoted price, payment will be due upon receipt of the invoice by the payment option selected on the RAQ form.

Please be advised that if I accept your order and it is within the 6 month request time, a $25 surcharge will be added to your order total.