Choose your flavors from the list below and insert them in the comments section of the checkout page. If you would like to make a change to a glaze flavor or request a new flavor for your selected cake flavor(s), please be sure to include that, as well. The flavors are as follows:

Almond with Almond Glaze

Banana with Nutella Glaze

Banana Chocolate Chip with Peanut Butter Glaze (ONLY AVAILABLE IN LARGE BOX)

Chocolate with Chocolate Glaze

Chocolate Chip with Chocolate Glaze

Cinnamon Swirl with Cream Cheese Glaze

Confetti with Vanilla Glaze and Sprinkles

Lemon with Lemon Glaze

Pumpkin with Cream Cheese Glaze

Spice with Cream Cheese Glaze

Vanilla with Vanilla Glaze

Wedding Bouquet with Wedding Bouquet Glaze (ONLY AVAILABLE IN LARGE BOX)

Coordinating glazes are preselected for each. As you can see, Peanut Butter Glaze is one of them, so if you or someone at your gathering has an allergy to nuts you may want to request a different glaze.

You can request another flavor option. Please include the flavor(s) in your order request.

Thank you! Fran


You have found Cake Designs by Fran Storefront. Currently, the Pound Cake Tester Boxes are only offered for purchase here, and only during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday times. All pound cakes need to be ordered no less than 1 month prior to needed date. If you need it shipped, you will definitely need to order 1 month or more prior to delivery. I do offer the one flavor pound cakes anytime you want one. Select the one flavor option below.

Hopefully, I will have additional items available that can be purchased as is, with only 1 color change and flavor selection (no changes to design) or at designer discretion. There will be no shipping available, as these will be cakes for local delivery or pickup only.

When you select an item, you will also need to select the Shipping Fee. In order to do that, once you add your chosen item to the cart, click on the tab to the left that says "ALL" to go back to where you can select the shipping fee. Sorry!!! The only other way with shipping by USPS is to have it calculated by USPS label prep for your order, which would result in a higher shipping fee. I'm sure that will work for you. I appreciate your understanding.

I'm looking forward to receiving your orders soon. Have an awesome day!